This is a draft post to show you how to structure a blog post if you so choose to start blogging.  If you plan on building SEO and driving more traffic to your site, you should be blogging.  


Before you publish a blog post:
-Your content is evergreen (meaning that it won't go out of style in a year from now and it will still hold value to your readers)
-Appeals to a specific audience
-Has a clear message/takeaway
-Long tail keyword in the post title
-Long tail keyword in the post URL
-Long tail keyword in an H1 or H2 heading within the post

This is an example of an H2 heading.

-Includes your long tail keyword within the first paragraph of your post
-Include those long tail keywords 5 times throughout the post (doesn't have to be word for word, but you get the idea)
-Include keywords in your image descriptions
-LINK at the bottom or wherever you choose to other posts on your blog. I learned that doing the summary block (which is definitely prettier) does not build SEO.