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ELIXIR COFFEE started with the desire to provide quality hand crafted coffee, artistic bouquets in a well-designed, welcoming environment that enriches our community. Elixir produces a center for the community and travelers to gather inside a pearl of the small, yet beautiful town of South Bend, the oyster capitol of the world. 

We proudly serve Batdorf & Bronson Coffee, a Pacific Northwest  coffee company based in Olympia, Wa. Batdorf & Bronson using direct trade practices, and roasting to order to always ensure “quality coffee.” While taking each step from “seed to cup” with the utmost care and attention.  To help keep our baristas focused on quality and efficiency we collaborate with their training and education team as we have learned crafting delicious coffee and excellent espresso requires training, practice and patience.

Dancing Goats in Our Signature Blend! A dark, smooth and sweet with a beautiful aroma, exceptionally clean acidity and a heavy nutty body. Flavor nuances include fresh citrus fruits and fine chocolate. Caramelly and spicy, its complexity makes for both a flavorful expresso with rich, rusty reddish-brown crema as well as an excellent drip coffee.  

The Rhodesia Flower relationship creates lovely atmosphere. One in which not only can our guest come in for cup of coffee, enjoy the beautiful view but go home with a handful of flowers or watch the process behind floral design. 

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We are more than baristas, we’re friends. We create a nurturing relationship with one another to provide the most uplifting experience when you meet us! We want you to love coffee as much as we do! Together we are on this mission to cultivate a coffee shop that’s more than just a grab and go coffee house but a place to network, socialize and create forever relationships. 

Nancy Nisbet | Elixir Coffee Shop | Highway 101 Coffee Shop

Hi, happy to have you here! I’m the owner of Rhodesia Flower and Elixir Coffee. Born and raised in the beautiful PNW, that I still call home.  I’m one of four daughters who sprouted in Bay Center, WA where my parents farm oysters and operate a shucking house Goose Point Oysters.  After college and doing some traveling, I moved back to the Willapa Bay area. With a little one in tow, my son Dean, I sought after a career that was moral fostering and I was passionate for. With a background in business and a few floral design and gardening courses I want to pull these concepts together and bring our community what I had to offer! I began with Elixir as a platflorm to provide a place for our community to enjoy delicious coffee and the beauty of flowers.  I feel continually grateful for this little corner of south west Washington, as I love the waters, wild flowers, and our beautiful Willapa hills. I'm humbled to have you here on my journey!  

Yours in Flowers,


Site photography by Emma Rose Company.


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