Rhodesia Flower began with a vision of a lifestyle that was filled with flowers. I have always felt captivated by the beauty mother nature has provided and applying it to floral design is complete meraki for me. As a young girl, I grew up watching my grandmother work endlessly in her garden and making daisy flower crowns in the park for friends.  About a year after my grandmother had passed my sister Rose came to me with an article she had found of our grandmother in our local newspaper, caption read “The Bay Center Dahlia Queen.” It was then, that I knew that my passion for flowers wasn’t just fate and I would continue in her honor, forever and a day.  I feel at peace in an old growth forest and find inspiration in natures beauty. My designs/arrangements are done in a way in which represent my organically structured, comfortably positioned, easy on the eyes and full of energy features as an artist.

I hope to one day grow all my flowers on Rhodesia Flower Farm for you!

Changing one metanoia, one flower at a time.  Follow me on Instagram @rhodesiaflower